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At K Nine dog studio, our highly trained dog groomers will go above and beyond to make sure your dogs experience is safe, relaxing and enjoyable. We will work to your expectations and needs. If you are unsure, the K Nine team will be on hand to help to the best of their ability.

We will always carry out a consultation and keep detailed records for future reference. All of our dog products are organic and all treatments are carried out with care. We hand blow dry your dog making sure they have had a relaxing experience. The well-being of your dog and their skin condition is as important as how they look.

Your dog will receive the same love, care and attention as they would at home.

We look forward to seeing you at K Nine.


K Nine Wash

Small/Medium Breed – £30/£35
Large/XL Breed – £40/£50

K Nine Express

£40 – 90 minutes

K Nine Experience

From £45 – 2 Hours
Unless specified during consultation
De shed (non clipped e.g German shepherd) from £50

K Nine Puppy

Up to 6 months
Cut or Wash – £25 – 1 Hour
Cut & Wash – £30 – 1:30 Hours

K Nine Handstrip

Hand Strip – £65 – 4 Hours
Unless specified during consultation
With Bath – £85 – 4:30 Hours

Complete re-start K Nine Groom due to severe matting - from £50
Every 15 minutes extra grooming time - £5
Looking after your pooch once groom has finished - From £10 (30minutes)
If you are not able to fulfil your appointment time, please ensure you cancel 24 hours before the appointment, otherwise a 50% cancellation fee will be charged.
Freshen up your dog with the K Nine wash and blow dry
Just call us for a quick wash and be assured your dog will be clean and tidy in no time at all!
  • Deep cleaning bath and shampoo
  • Warm rinse with appropriate conditioning products
  • Blow dry and fragrance to finish


Cotswold Raw
"The natural raw diet for a healthy dog."
Bringing all the bealth benefits of a fresh and varied raw diet, in the form of mince of easy sausages.
No grains, additives, preservatives, enhancers, bulk or colouring are added.
Make the change to raw today!
Full range of flavours available in the studio from puppy range, beef & lamb to rabbit & venison.

Wildwash Shampoo
All the shampoos are made by hand using the finest selevtion of natural ingredients. Natural products promote healthy, hydrated skin and coat, whereas shampoos containing chemicals can cause dry itchy skin with poor hair quality lacking moisture and shine! We have a wide range of shampoos to suit every skin and coat type to help soothe, nourish and even heal the skin. We have fallen in love with this range and we can assure you, you will too!

Leather Collars and Leads
All leads and collars are handmade with top quality real leather! Available in all sizes, check out our Instagram for the full range!

Sophie Allport
Beds, Mattresses and Dog Toys
We stock a wide range of Sophie Allport designs available in all sizes



We are remaining open and the business is not subject to closure restrictions as detailed in the Health Protection (Coronavirus restriction)(England) Regulations 2020, part 3, schedule 2 and can carry on operating.

The welfare of your animals are paramount and highly important to us. Following our current strict guidelines to endure the health and safety of the staff and customers here at K Nine, we will be adding more checks;

  • 1 person per dog
  • Masks advised to be worn
  • Sanitising at all times and between treatments

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact us via 01242 587778 or email

Stay Safe

K Nine team xx